BRIEF: Powerleague wanted to empower retired, active males with a passion for the beautiful game, to play Walking Football. 

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Core insights for this project came from interviewing men between the ages of 50-74 about their lives and attitudes towards being active. Through these discussions, Men In Sheds was revealed as a relevant and successful movement, and joining a Walking Football Forum exposed us the popularity of Facebook Forums amongst this age demographic.


Learning about the importance of funding to set up activities like this within these local communities, taught us that Powerleague’s promise to provide all the kit, pitches, and equipment was a key benefit to prospective Walking Football participants. Speaking to Men In Sheds members also heavily informed our strategy for implementing the idea in specific locations to begin with, before expanding it nationally. 

Below is one of our more detailed deck formats, laying out the strategy for this project  (note - this is not the deck we pitched with, it's an extended version)

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